About us

Humble Beginnings

About Us

Two brothers fulfilling a dream to bring the best authentic shawerma to you.

How it Started

Brothers, Moh and Omar, grew up eating home cooked meals and wanted to share their ancient recipes and love of food and fellowship. They have fond memories of gathering around the table, having good times while eating delicious food. Now nurses and residing in the US, they have come to appreciate diverse cuisines and flavors. But that familiar taste of home and flavors reminiscent of their childhood is always closest to their hearts.

Moh and Omar first learned to cook from their mama's traditional recipes that have been passed down for centuries. They are passionate and take great pride in sharing this healthy, authentic and delicious food with you. Through their collaboration…..

Mama Shawerma, home of the authentic Shawerma, is finally here for all to enjoy! A place to exchange laughter, smiles, and stories as you savor authentic tastes, refreshing drinks and delicious ice cream.

Authentic Jordanian Spices

Long-Standing Healthy Recipes